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an independent agency that has started in 2004.

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With roots in Saudi Arabia,Turkey and Lebanon, an independent agency that has started in 2004  with a small office in Tripoli Lebanon that expanded to reach Beirut Lebanon, Istanbul Turkey and finally Jeddah Saudi Arabia

We own the four Diamonds Belief we believe in balance & we deliver work that bring together strategic thinking, and creative crafting seamlessly. Create: we develop integrated solution that encourage dialogue and build relationship between brand and consumer. Promote: we examine brand assets thoroughly to find ideas that are relevant, persuasive and attractive to consumers.

Ingenuity: we do effective brand communications in many shapes and forms; we strive to magnify brand presence in every consumer space.


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digital advertising solutions

DAS 360 team had an extensive design experience and it is this in-depth creative knowledge coupled with our advertising, PR and marketing expertise that enables us to deliver thoroughly considered design for our clients.
- We sell the result, not the process. - We build processes to guarantee result and quality. - Client servicing is the prime target for us. - Clients know how the project is evolving and control next steps. - Weekly reports for clients.
- We understand that quality is usually the result of evolution, so trying to plan steps Schedule at the beginning of the project is mandatory.

digital advanced

 We design websites,CMS Business Applications around our Central platform, and can also turn your latest ideas into an iPhone or Android mobile app
DAS360 offers a complete set of website design, app development and hosting services with one goal in mind: to help you profitably promote your product or services on the Internet.
DAS360 customised hosting services range from economical combination packages of website and email hosting through to high end enterprise clustered and cloud hosting platforms
Our teams of engineers and consultants are able to plan, implement and support your IT infrastructure ensuring a secure and reliable service to both your organisation and end users.

advertising options

There isn't anything DAS 360 hasn't done over the years with offline & online marketing. Our creativity comes alive with the challenges of designing newsletters, annual reports,marketing collateral, brochures and visual and special projects such as exhibition and event displays. From direct mail campaigns to loyalty card launches, photography to
poster campaigns, we are well-versed at managing international brands through to growing businesses.
- Pop-up displays. - Multi-media display. - Lighting and sound. - Large Format Banners. - Display marketing material.
- Promotional gifts. - Brochure design.  - Annual report creation.  - Direct mail campaigns.  - Poster campaigns.
- Photography.  - Copy writing.  - Corporate stationary.  - Newsletter creation. 


solutions just for you!

The variation of creative ideas took its place at DAS360, along with the professional team we create an innovative and genius solutions in technical, programming, designing and marketing fields which will continuously be influenced by others.

An extensive concepts are ready for any issue would face you!

Web Design

Without a website your existence in the digital world is meaningless! Having a website is one of the best ways a business can use to reach their existing clients and attain new ones. A powerful web presence announce to your clients that you're a leader in your field!

Web designing about planning and creation of the website which includes information architecture, site structure, user interface, layout, colors and fonts.
We at DAS360 are focused on the most important role in creating a website which is designing, our skilled designer team will deliver the requested project beyond the client’s expectations within the required time of delivering.

Graphic Design

We believe that art can change things a lot!

We convert ideas and concepts to visual, textual content and graphical forms.
DAS 360 talented graphic designers use typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to create visual compositions matches the client’s needs. They also perform at Corporate designing such as logos and branding. Editorial design for instance magazines, newspapers and books, way finding or environmental design, advertising, web design, communication design, mobile apps, product packaging and signage.

Motion graphics are part of a graphic designer duty by creating an online video or animation movies, which lately spread over the social media for online advertising.

Creative Ideas

The range of ideas in generating and creating new things, new ideas will always tend to have the best results. The need for creative thinking has transitioned from the arts into everyday business, Through the creative process, employees are tasked with exploring the profitable outcome of an existing or potential effort, which typically involves generating and applying alternative options to a company's products, services and procedures through the use of conscious or unconscious insight.

DAS 360 provides and promotes the best and unique ideas involved with the exclusive designs to innovate and deliver a creative interaction resulting in a memorable endeavor for our clients.

UX&UI; Design

User interface design focuses on knowing your targeted user, understanding the goals, skills and preferences to create concepts from interaction design, visual design, and information architecture.
We design the user interfaces for a software for electronic devices such as, computers, mobile apps and home appliance, Interface design is involved in a wide range of projects from computer systems, to cars, to commercial planes. 

DAS 360 interface designers have skills centered on their expertise in software designing, user research, web design, or industrial design to create a system that is not only operational but also usable and adaptable to changing user needs.
On the other hand we study and evaluate how the system looks like by the users, how it can be improved and the efficiency in performing tasks and so forth by our User experience designers (UX) as well we look at sub-systems and processes within a system.

3D Design

At DAS 360 we use the latest technologies, as three dimensions designing models is essential in our company to represent materials in a proficient way that allows the client to get incredible results just the same of what he imagined.

Our designers create any 3d models from simple objects to humans 3d models. We provide 3D logo design, 3D wallpapers, 3D interfaces design, 3D flash animation or interactive multimedia business presentations.

2D&3D; Characters

DAS 360 provides a two dimensional characters which are known also as (card board characters),The 2D models focuses on creating characters, storyboards, backgrounds and digital images in two-dimensional environments with a specific techniques and software. To create a specific identity for an organization.
Our graphic team designs a three dimensional characters animation which is usually more challenging because the animation rig controls have to be able to give you much more control and flexibility to bring the character as close as possible to life.

Companies System Analyze

A system is a set of detailed methods, procedures and routines created to carry out a specific activity, perform a duty, or solve a problem.
When the problem occurs, the system must be analyzed by looking at the wider system, breaking apart the parts and figuring out how it works in order to achieve a particular goal.
At DAS 360 we gather and study our clients’ companies’ to identify its goals and purposes and create systems and procedures that will achieve them in an efficient way.
System analysis and design can be used to identify, develop and market new products as well as identify and enter new markets with existing and new products.


DAS 360 has a computer application of the content management system which supports the adjustments of a digital content.
Content management system includes Web-based publishing, format management, history editing and version control, indexing, search, and retrieval. It also provides the ability to manage the structure of the site, the appearance of the published pages, the navigation provided to the users, and how many times the content is shown to a specific user.

CMS is an advantage for search engine optimization where some search engines give preference to website with new and updated content than websites with outdated content.

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Qualitative Quantitative studies measure! Applied vs. Basic research: Applied research is research designed to solve a particular problem in a particular circumstance, such as determining the cause of low sales of a given product in the client’s organization. Quantitative vs. Qualitative Quantitative studies measure variables with some precision using numeric scales. For example, we measure the performance result of marketing budget over the achieved sales in a given period of time.

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